About Catherine


My experience, professionally and personally, runs the gamut when it comes to interacting with people and making positive impacts on their lives.


Before I began coaching, I was an actress and film producer. My job entailed leading projects and teams of people. It’s no stretch to say that those years were a crash course about people – all the different kinds and how they act. Whether the stakes are high in the boardroom, or personal challenges are mounting, I’ve been able to guide my teams to achieving growth and balance.

Plain and simple, the human fabric has always intrigued me. I’ve studied people and our complexities – how we process and internalize experiences, and how those experiences affect us long term. Curious about how and why people relate, I’ve researched interpersonal relationships and our patterns. I wanted to learn first hand how people of all ages and walks of life could be significant to each other.


Let's get personal

Catherine Ackermann

Maybe it’s a calling, or just a passion, but my desire to help people runs deep. No stranger to personal upheaval, I know what it’s like to be stuck – living in the confines of anxiety. Through my own experience, I have harnessed my fear and made it the ultimate teacher.

Not so long ago I began having debilitating panic attacks. After my second attack, my once happy life was now being led with fear in the back of my mind. I stopped driving and traveling – even a trip to the grocery store seemed overwhelming. A slave to the possibility of another attack, I started living a safe and predictable life. The simplest moments were now complicated – and lived with a pounding heartbeat.

 My mantra became “what happens if?”

Tired of the vicious cycle and afraid of more time slipping through the cracks, I came to an honest moment with myself. I had hit rock bottom, I needed to reclaim my life – a great life that was once full of freedom and mobility.

With a huge engine of motivation behind me, I was fully committed to freeing my mind and body from their constant state of turbulence. I found my own techniques. It became obvious that managing anxiety (and eventually conquering it) was not black and white. Understanding my subconscious, the power of my thoughts, and the psychological and physical impact of nutrition were all part of the puzzle.

Through my studies, how many people suffered from anxiety surprised me. With baby steps in front of me, I began self-healing. There was nothing else to lose – I took control of my mind and body, forcing myself to move forward – even if all the negative thoughts wanted to hold me back.

Today, I am thankful for this time of my life. I believe that experience is the best teacher, and find great satisfaction helping people who are struggling.

Each day I pushed my limits a little bit more. Instead of the comfort foods I began to rely on, clean foods started to feel good – making me lighter and free. I felt detoxed from heavily processed and sugar laden foods. I was soon off the path of self-destruction. I truly believe that hitting rock bottom saved my life. That unforgettable raw, honest moment of being trapped within four walls propelled me to change.

We all have an untapped alarm system, the greatest instinct we’re born with. I want to find yours.