Develop a deeper understanding of food choices, creating wellness and balance.


Food for Attitude

In my coaching I emphasize the value of mindful nutrition. Eating plans are not one-size-fits-all. Food is more than what we eat; it’s what creates our well being. Becoming your own body’s expert will help you “crowd out” the harmful invaders we often crave. This doesn’t happen overnight, but when you can turn away temptation, you will strike that chord of harmony.


Food for LIFE

Our relationship with food often rears its head in other avenues of our lives. Is your best friend a Big Mac when you fight with your spouse? Do you find yourself at the vending machine when you’re frustrated at work? In addition to feeling educated and motivated after our first session, I want every client to feel empowered – inspired to tackle toxic relationships, personal ruts, and issues with co-workers and everyday stress. We will co-create a strategy to fix all the parts of the WHOLE you.

Are you experiencing diet dilemmas? Should you eat like a cave man? Drastically cut calories? Forego dairy? Curse every carb that comes your way? Just because a diet works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for all. Together we can put an end to the confusion and find what works for YOUR body.


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